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Surveys to BS 5837:2005 Trees in relation to construction – recommendations

Pre Design Consultancy

To include meeting and discussing advice on the constraints imposed by trees and the development potential of a site.

Design Consultancy

We can offer a formal study to comply with 1 APP verification requirements. This is a formal report detailing the trees on site, the impact of the proposals, the trees to be lost and the methods to be employed to protect the retained trees. A plan and schedule of all trees, their category and the location of the proposed development can be produced to show protection methods. All proposed tree protection methods will be detailed and presented as the Arboricultural Method Statement which will include the Tree Protection Plan.

Arboricultural Method Statement

Many Planning Consents are granted without any formal tree protection measures agreed and often rely on Planning Conditions which require an Arboricultural Method Statement to be produced. Our report will assess all the trees on the site, make recommendations, identify trees to be removed and detail protection methods to be employed for all retained trees.

Management of trees during construction

We provide advice on the management and implementation of the Arboricultural Method Statement.

Discharge of Planning Conditions

We provide services to assist in the management of Planning Conditions imposed in a Planning Permission to improve site operation where efficiency savings can be made by modifying or adapting imposed protection measures. This can then be detailed in a report and discussions with the Local Planning Authority undertaken.

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