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About Hurst Tree Consultants

At Hurst Tree Consultants we offer a professional Arboricultural service to anyone wanting advice regarding trees. Trees are the lungs of our planet and constitute an integral part of the increasingly fragile balance of Oxygen and Carbon.

As with all constituent parts of systems, failure and imbalance of even minor elements can have catastrophic results.

It is therefore important to receive expert advice at the earliest stage possible to best avoid problems, and perhaps more significantly, positively affect the management, health and significance of one of mankind’s’ most valuable resources.

Hurst Tree Consultants has more than 20 years of tree management, tree contracting and surveying experience, which combine to enable us to offer the most progressive and comprehensive resources available to tree owners, managers, planners and architects, indeed, anyone who has a question about trees.

We offer a comprehensive Arboricultural advice service including tree surveys and inspections, tree reports, surveys to accompany planning applications ( BS 5837 surveys ), tree safety reports, reports for mortgage and insurance purposes, hazard identification and control and advice on tree protection measures.

Early professional Arboricultural advice is likely to save time and money whatever your question about trees.

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Ben McWalter
Tree Consultant

Ben started his business Hurst Tree Consultants in 2013 and provides advice and services to agents, surveyors and also private clients in the south east of England.

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Ben McWalter
Tree protection and legal issues

Ben is trained in the management of trees and the Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs). Whereby is it the obligation of a council or planning authority is to protect and enhance the environment.

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Ben McWalter
Surveys to BS 5837:2005 Trees in relation to construction – recommendations

Ben is expert in Pre Design Consultancy, Design Consultancy, Arboriculture Method Statement, Management of trees during construction and also Discharge of Planning Conditions.

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