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Despite the acknowledged and overwhelming significance of trees to mankind, which act as the most significant environmental control system, trees are all too frequently considered as having less importance than many other factors. Consequently, in carrying out many common decision-making processes, the true role of the tree is missed.

However, in planning policy, as well as the assessment of risk to people and property, the tree and its impact should be the primary concern. By correctly apportioning resources to trees, at the appropriate time, the most efficient strategy can be adopted.

Early professional advice regarding trees will usually save time and money. Trees will influence the design of many developments and should be considered prior to drawing plans or making planning applications. The correct assessment of targets potentially affected by trees with identifiable defects, can save money and resources and preclude unnecessary tree works and expense.

At Hurst Tree Consultants we provide a comprehensive tree management resource, and our policy recommends seeking early advice. Through personal experience reinforced by extensive training, the informed, progressive and professional advice given by Hurst Tree Consultants will ensure that the correct management decision will be made.

Our advice will save resources, for you and your clients, by ensuring an informed decision making process.

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